Exploring the Ease of International Love: Getting Married in Serbia as a Foreigner


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Serbia emerges as a beacon of simplicity and openness for foreigners looking to tie the knot in an international setting. With its welcoming legal framework and straightforward marriage procedures, Serbia stands out as an attractive destination for couples from around the globe. This guide delves into the essential requirements and procedural steps that foreign nationals need to navigate to celebrate their union in Serbia. From understanding the legal impediments under Serbian Family Law to the actual marriage ceremony process, we provide a comprehensive overview for those dreaming of a Serbian wedding. Embrace the journey of love without borders, as we explore how Serbia is making it easier for couples of diverse backgrounds to come together in matrimony.


 So, in recent years, the Republic of Serbia has become an attractive destination for foreigners for various reasons. One of the reasons is the opportunity for foreigners to easily conclude a marriage without overly strict conditions. In this text, we will discuss the requirements set by the Republic of Serbia for the civil marriage of foreigners, as well as the procedure for concluding such marriages.

Requirements for the marriage of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia

The Family Law[1] (“Family Law”) of Serbia prescribes a set of impediments to marriage that applies to all individuals intending to marry in the Republic of Serbia, whether they are domestic or foreign nationals:

  • Marital Status: A person who is already married cannot enter into another marriage. This provision in the Family Law reflects the principle of monogamy in our family law.
  • Inability to Reason: A person incapable of reasoning cannot enter into marriage. One of the fundamental conditions for marriage is the existence of mutual consent between future spouses. If a person is incapable of reasoning, there cannot be legally valid consent to marriage.
  • Blood Relations: Marriage cannot be contracted between blood relatives in the direct line, and in the collateral line, marriage is prohibited between siblings, half-siblings (either paternal or maternal), uncles and nieces, aunts and nephews, and children of full or half siblings.
  • Adoptive (Civil) Relationship, In-Law Kinship, and Guardianship
  • Minority: A minor cannot enter into marriage. However, under exceptional circumstances and with justified reasons, a court may permit the marriage of a minor who has reached the age of 16 and possesses the physical and mental maturity required to fulfill the rights and duties of marriage.
  • Freedom of Will: A person whose will is not free cannot enter into marriage. A marriage is void if there was a defect in the will of one or both spouses at the time of its conclusion.

Foreigners in the Republic of Serbia do not need to have temporary residence permit to conclude a marriage. What is necessary is that they have lawfully entered the territory of Serbia in accordance with the prescribed visa regime.

 Procedure for the marriage of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia

The competent authority for concluding marriages is the municipal registrar’s office. Foreigners can choose the municipality where they wish to marry, allowing them to select one where the procedure can be completed most expeditiously.

Prospective spouses must personally express their intention orally in the presence of an authorized court interpreter. During the oral submission of the marriage request, the registrar verifies the identity and residence of the individuals entering into marriage by examining foreign travel documents and foreigner’s identity cards. After the intention is expressed, the registrar prepares a record of the same.

To schedule a wedding, the registrar must first verify the fulfillment of all formal requirements and the validity of the documentation that foreigners are required to present.

During the marriage ceremony, the presence of two witnesses and authorized court interpreter for their native language is mandatory since the ceremony is conducted in the Serbian language.

The wedding can take place either in the municipal offices or in other designated ceremonial venues for marriage ceremonies.

Following the ceremony, the registrar records the marriage in the marriage registry and informs the diplomatic mission of the country whose citizens have entered into the marriage in our country, to ensure its recognition in the foreign country of the spouses’ origin.


Serbia has rightfully earned its place as a preferred destination for international couples seeking to celebrate their love. Beyond its scenic landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Serbia offers a streamlined and welcoming approach to marriage for foreigners, encapsulating the essence of hospitality and inclusivity. By simplifying legal formalities and ensuring a straightforward marriage process, Serbia not only respects the principle of love without boundaries but also promotes a seamless integration of diverse traditions and customs. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of its historic sites or the simplicity of its marriage procedures, Serbia stands ready to host your special day, making your commitment to each other officially recognized in a setting that’s as beautiful as your love story. Join the ranks of happy couples who have discovered that Serbia is not just a place to get married, but a destination where international love stories flourish.

[1] (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 18/2005, 72/2011 – other laws and 6/2015)

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