Antitrust and Competition Law

Antitrust and Competition Law

Powerful or small, your company may be exposed to the antitrust regulatory risks or otherwise to the unfair trading terms of cartel or illegal exercise of market power by a dominant market player. Empower Your Business with Antitrust Compliance: Legal Support for Navigating Competition Challenges

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses must be vigilant in complying with antitrust regulations to avoid serious consequences and protect their market position. The Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition and other antitrust regulators in the Western Balkan region possess extensive investigative powers that can significantly impact your company’s operations during investigations.

Why Choose Stojković Attorneys for Antitrust Matters?

  1. Expert Guidance in Antitrust Compliance:


We have firsthand experience in structuring antitrust-compliant business transactions. Our team provides legal assistance to both defendants and complainants in antitrust cases across various industries, including IT, transport, telecommunication, energy, steel industry, pharmacy, luxury goods, consumer goods, and retail.


  1. Shielding You from Unfounded Liability:


We act for clients in antitrust cartel and abuse of dominance investigations, ensuring you are protected from baseless liability charges and helping to manage, control, and minimize financial liability risks. Our expertise also includes advising on leniency applications and negotiating antitrust settlements before the Commission.


  1. Navigating Market and Sector Investigations:


We represent clients during market and sector investigations conducted by the Commission, addressing issues such as unfair trade terms, cartels, and abuse of market power by dominant undertakings. Our aim is to unlock markets for your business.


  1. Comprehensive Legal Consultancy:


Our services include competition and state aid legal consultancy on a day-to-day basis, covering a wide range of antitrust matters that may arise in your business operations.


  1. Defending Your Transactions:


We offer substantive defense of your transactions before the Commission, ensuring antitrust clearance for exclusive distribution contracts, selective distribution, franchise agreements, IPR licensing, joint ventures, and more.


  1. Preventing Antitrust Risks:


Our team conducts competition law audits of business organizations, evaluating antitrust compliance procedures and providing essential guidance to prevent potential risks.


  1. Tailored Antitrust Training:


We offer antitrust training tailored to the specific needs of your company and industry, equipping your team with the knowledge and tools to stay compliant and proactive.

When you partner with Stojković Attorneys, you gain a dedicated legal ally committed to protecting your business from antitrust challenges and ensuring your market success. Let us empower your business to navigate the complexities of competition law with confidence.


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