International mobility and global assignment services

International mobility and global assignment services

While offering attractive cross-border positions and managing costs effectively, it is important to note that the relocation of a workforce triggers a number of legal, tax and reporting duties.

Navigating International Mobility Regulations with Confidence

For companies engaging foreign individuals and workers in Serbia, compliance with local rules and regulations is essential. At Stojković Attorneys, we provide comprehensive legal, tax, and practical guidance on international mobility implications to ensure your business stays in full compliance and achieves its objectives.

Our International Mobility Services Include:

  1. Foreign Citizen Registration:

We assist in the smooth registration of foreign citizens upon arrival, including obtaining the necessary documentation like the white card.


  1. Residence Permits:

Our team helps obtain temporary or permanent residence permits for foreign individuals working in Serbia.


  1. Work Permits:

We navigate the complexities of work permits, ensuring a streamlined process for your foreign employees.


  1. Taxation and Rates:

Trust us to handle taxation matters for foreign citizens working in Serbia, including income tax, wage tax, annual personal income tax, and contributions for compulsory social insurance.

Strategic Guidance for Business Success:

With a deep understanding of local regulations, we offer counsel on all legal, tax, and practical aspects of international mobility implications. Our strategies align with your business plans and employee needs, enhancing employee satisfaction and overall efficiency while reducing compliance risks.

Maximize Business Outcomes:

Working with Stojković Attorneys guarantees meeting your business objectives. Our experienced professionals excel in handling international mobility matters, ensuring seamless operations and success for your company.

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Stay compliant and achieve your business goals with our reliable international mobility services in Serbia. Contact us now to discuss your specific needs and discover how we can optimize your workforce mobility with precision and expertise.


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