Easing the Process of Acquiring Serbian Citizenship through Naturalization

The Republic of Serbia offers a facilitated pathway to citizenship for individuals connected to Serbia, through a process called naturalization. This process is overseen by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and allows various categories of individuals to apply for and potentially obtain Serbian citizenship under specific conditions.

Who Can Apply?

The scope for eligibility is broad and includes:

  • Foreign nationals or stateless persons who have been granted permanent residence in Serbia, or whose citizenship would be in the national interest of Serbia and their spouse.
  • Individuals born on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Foreign nationals married to a Serbian citizen and who have been granted permanent residence.
  • Emigrants from Serbia and their descendants.
  • Children whose parents have acquired Serbian citizenship through naturalization.
  • Children adopted by Serbian citizens.
  • Members of the Serbian nation.
  • Refugees, displaced persons, and expellees from the former Yugoslavia.

Simplified Requirements for Eligible Individuals

The main facilitation for these potential citizens is that they are not required to renounce their current nationality or prove that they will be released from it as a precondition for naturalization.

General and Specific Conditions for Naturalization

All applicants must submit a written statement declaring their allegiance to the Republic of Serbia as their own country. Additional conditions depend on the applicant’s group:

  1. Individuals born in Serbia must have had continuous residence in Serbia for at least two years prior to their application and must have had a registered residence or domicile during this period.
  2. Foreign nationals married to Serbian citizens must fulfill the following cumulative conditions:
    • Married to a Serbian citizen for at least three years.
    • Hold permanent residence at the time of application.
  3. Emigrants and their descendants can acquire citizenship if they are at least eighteen years old and are not deprived of their legal capacity.
  4. Spouses of emigrants or descendants who have previously acquired Serbian citizenship through this process simply need to submit a written declaration of their allegiance to Serbia.


The Republic of Serbia provides multiple avenues for individuals with connections to the country to obtain citizenship, facilitating integration and legal processes for diverse groups. This includes not only those born in Serbia or married to Serbian citizens but also emigrants and their families, enhancing the nation’s cultural and demographic fabric. If you believe you qualify for naturalization, consider reaching out to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or a legal expert to begin your application process.

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