Comprehensive Civil and Business Litigation Services

Comprehensive Civil and Business Litigation Services

From simple to complex civil or business litigation, Stojković Attorneys have skills and experience to take on such proceedings, to serve and protect clients’ legal and material interests.

Navigate through any civil or business litigation with confidence, thanks to Stojković Attorneys’ expertise and experience.

Our dedicated team is here to serve and protect your legal and material interests in a wide range of proceedings.

We offer valuable counsel and representation in various areas, including:

  • Commercial litigation and appeals
  • Labour and employment law matters, including sexual harassment, workplace bullying, discrimination, disputes, wages, benefits, and compensation
  • Breach of contract and enforcement of contractual obligations
  • Civil and business contract disputes
  • Shareholder disputes and shareholder derivative suits
  • Termination and dissolution of businesses
  • Insurance disputes and unfair denial of insurance claims
  • Tax disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Debt collection and enforcement proceedings
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Product liability and consumer protection
  • Personal injury cases
  • Railroad and traffic accidents
  • Foreclosures
  • Public procurement disputes and appeals

At Stojković Attorneys, our priority is finding the best solution for each client. While we are fully equipped to represent you in court when necessary, we also explore less formal but equally effective approaches, such as settlements and alternative dispute resolution techniques, to achieve timely and cost-effective resolutions.

Trust our experienced team to handle your civil and business litigation needs. Contact us today to discuss your case and find the best path forward.

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