Construction / Legalisation in Serbia

Construction industry is one of the largest industries in Serbia and, by its nature is connected to extensive and strict legal regulation.

Stojković Attorney may assist you whether you’re building a house, a building or a mall by giving its legal opinion regarding legal requirements expected from the investor or contractor, required documentation and we can represent you before inspections and other state bodies of the Republic of Serbia.

If some object, or part of an object, requires legalization process to be undertaken, our lawyers can give you legal opinion on objects’ eligibility for legalization prima facie. It may be not justified to enter into procedure (if an object is built on inadequate ground, or from inadequate materials, on the area of nature reserve under protection of the state, in the area of cultural significance under protection of the state, in the zone of sanitary protection, etc.). Even in these situations, our lawyers can seek a solution in terms of obtaining a special permission for these objects that are subject to legalisation.

If decision on demolition is already enacted for your object after legal listing of illegal objects, and legalization procedure already is initiated with it, representing in the procedure by our lawyers can make a difference regarding outcome of such a procedure and a fate of such an object.

In case of negative outcome of the procedure we can defend your rights by initiating an administrative dispute before the Administrative Court, in order for your rights and interests to stay protected by all legal means.