Construction / Legalisation in Serbia

Construction industry is one of the largest industries in Serbia and, by its nature is connected to extensive and strict legal regulation.

Stojković Attorneys may assist you whether you’re building a house, a commercial or residential building, a mall or even an industrial plant by giving legal advice regarding all requirements expected from the investor or contractor, including required documentation.  We can represent you before relevant state bodies of the Republic of Serbia throughout the whole construction procedure i.e. from the moment of providing the construction plot until the title registration of the constructed property. Our office assist clients not only in projects related to new construction, but also in refurbishments and adaptation.

We have experience in advising investors in all construction related matters including early stages of the procedure such as preparing design and location selection, which is all done in collaboration with the client and its technical advisors in order to provide comprehensive implementation of practical legal advice into the project. Moreover, our construction experts have broad experience in conducting legal due diligence of the selected location and advising on zooning and urban planning issues.

Stojković Attorneys provide assistance in obtaining all necessary permits including construction and use permits and all the other approvals or documents needed in order to successfully complete the project. We have great cooperation with all state authorities involved in the construction procedure which enables us to easily manage administrative procedures in relation to obtaining necessary permits.

Our team assist clients in choosing a suitable type of construction contract (FIDC based, tailor made, etc.), which also includes taking part in negotiations and drafting subject contracts. We provide support not only during the construction project phase, but also after the project is completed in cases when additional/alteration work is needed or regarding any other problem that may arise, as well as in any potential construction disputes.

We also provide services related to legalization of illegally constructed facilities. If a facility, or part thereof, requires legalization process to be undertaken, our lawyers can give you legal opinion on facilities’ eligibility for legalization prima facie. It may be not justified to enter into procedure (if a facility is built on inadequate ground, or from inadequate materials, on the area of nature reserve under protection of the state, in the area of cultural significance under protection of the state, in the zone of sanitary protection, etc.). Even in these situations, our lawyers can help you in terms of providing a tailor made solution for these facilities that are not subject to legalization.

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