Mining and Geology Explorations

Our professionals advise on the legal requirements affecting minerals and mining in the Republic of Serbia.

To that end, Stojković Attorneys advise:

  • on conditions for exploration and production of minerals (including oil and gas), the construction and maintenance of mining related premises, drilling and maintenance of wellbores, decommissioning researching of geological environment, construction of buildings and remediation of a site, execution of mining works and mining waste management.
  • with obtaining permits to perform mining works, geological exploration, oil and gas exploration, and extraction;
  • with obtaining licenses for staff engaged in geological exploration, mining works, oil and gas exploration and extraction, and trading activities;
  • with the interpretation of legal conditions and engagement of experts for interpretation of technical rules and requirements;
  • in dealings with Serbian ministries and agencies in charge of energy and mining matters;
  • on legal aspects of the acquisition, processing, production, sale and trade with mineral resources or raw materials (including oil and gas);
  • on entry strategy (e.g. permit vs. concession agreement) per planned duration and type of activity;
  • strict liability and the mitigation of undesired consequences, restrictions affecting business operations, transfer of rights to explore and extract minerals (including oil and gas);
  • VAT refunds and other tax implications in respect of geological exploration and mining;