Real estate

Stojković Attorneys handle legal and tax aspects of real estate transactions.

Our team has extensive experience in all real estate related matters and we advise wide range of clients such as investors, developers, owners and all the other legal or physical parties that are in need of assistance in regard to property issues. We also provide broad variety of relevant tax advice in order to ensure that the real estate transactions we are handling are tax-efficient for our clients.

We are known for our “out of the box” way of thinking that provides our clients with creative and efficient solutions while complying fully with all local regulations. Stojković Attorneys also provide services in pre-investment stages of any real estate projects by conducting full legal due diligence with the purpose of identifying and mitigating potential risks.

Our services include assistance in:

  • acquisitions and disposals of all types of real estate including residential and commercial properties;
  • tailor-made lease agreements both for landlords and tenants (for businesses, wholesalers, malls, shopping centers, leisure, etc.);
  • property management;
  • project finance;
  • property joint ventures;
  • obtaining building permits and representing clients in all procedures until the title registration;
  • cash real estate deals and escrow services;
  • loan settlement;
  • construction loans;
  • mortgages and foreclosures;
  • property development and planning;
  • drafting construction contracts including FIDIC-based agreements;
  • real estate disputes;
  • legal due diligence.

More about real estate regulation in Serbia

In Serbia, the real estate industry is regulated by a number of laws and regulations, including the Law on Property, the Law on Planning and Construction, the Law on Real Estate Cadastre, and the Law on Geodetic and Property Affairs.

The Law on Property

The Law on Property sets out the legal framework for ownership and transfer of real estate, including the rules for buying and selling property, the registration of ownership, and the protection of property rights.

The Law on Planning and Construction

The Law on Planning and Construction regulates the use of land, including the issuance of building permits and the control of urban development. It sets out the rules for land use planning and the processes for obtaining building permits, as well as the procedures for appeals and disputes.

The Law on Real Estate Cadastre

The Law on Real Estate Cadastre establishes the real estate cadastre, which is a register of all real estate in Serbia, including information on the ownership, location, and characteristics of each property. The cadastre is maintained by the Serbian Geodetic Authority.

The Law on Geodetic and Property Affairs

The Law on Geodetic and Property Affairs governs the activities of geodetic surveyors and property valuers, and sets out the procedures for the creation and maintenance of geodetic and cadastral records.

Overall, the regulatory framework in Serbia is designed to provide a transparent and predictable environment for real estate transactions and to protect the rights of property owners.

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