In the case of tenders and public procurements it is of indisputable importance that legal procedures are fulfilled to the smallest detail, and that the necessary documentation is prepared and fully aligned with the requirements of the business.

Lawyers at the Stojković Attorneys can help you to ensure the completeness of the documentation, increase your competitiveness, and through the impeccable knowledge of regulations and monitoring the procedure, you ensure that you have the same treatment as other participants, in accordance with the law.

Our lawyers can advise and represent in all kinds of procedures, including:

  • Open procedure;
  • Restrictive procedure;
  • Qualifying procedure;
  • Negotiating procedure with/without publication of an invite for proposals;
  • and also in special forms of procedures of procurement, eg. framework agreement and system of dynamic procurement.

Also, if you consider that other participants have a privileged position, or that the public procurement procedure has been illegally conducted in any way, our law office can help you protect your interests in a further proceeding through drafting and filing a request for protection of the right, appeal and other legal assets to protect your rights.