Public Procurement Support in Serbia

Ensure Success in Tenders and Public Procurements with Stojković Attorneys

In the realm of tenders and public procurements, meticulous attention to legal procedures and precise documentation preparation is paramount.

At Stojković Attorneys, we offer expert legal support to enhance your competitiveness and ensure compliance with all business requirements.

Why Choose Us?


  1. Complete Documentation:


Our lawyers assist in ensuring the completeness of your documentation, minimizing the risk of procedural issues.


  1. Enhanced Competitiveness:


Leverage our impeccable knowledge of regulations and procedure monitoring to boost your competitiveness.


  1. Equal Treatment:


With us, you are guaranteed the same treatment as other participants, in full accordance with the law.


Our Public Procurement Services Include:


  1. Advisory and Representation:


Our experienced team advises and represents you in various procedures, including open, restrictive, qualifying, and negotiating procedures with or without publication of an invitation for proposals.


  1. Special Forms of Procurement:


We offer guidance in special procurement procedures, such as framework agreements and dynamic procurement systems.

Protecting Your Interests:

Should you perceive other participants to have a privileged position or suspect an illegal public procurement procedure, we are here to safeguard your interests. Our law office can draft and file requests for protection of rights, appeals, and other legal measures to protect your rights.

Put Your Trust in Our Expertise:

With our in-depth knowledge of public procurement regulations and dedication to client success, we are equipped to handle complex procurement challenges. Trust Stojković Attorneys to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and legally compliant public procurement journey.

Contact Us Today:

Secure your success in tenders and public procurements. Contact us now to benefit from our specialized legal support for public procurement in Serbia and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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