Tax analysis

Tax Analysis is a part of the tax planning and involves the implementation of the tax system knowledge in the analysis of specific tax situations

With the growing complexity of the tax systems both in the world and in our country, there is a serious need for an expert analysis of business transactions in the pursuit of its tax effects. In this field our experts have gained an exceptional expertise through years of experience in working with clients of various business activities, as well as most diverse business changes.

Tax Analysis is not just a good start of any planning, it is also a revision of the earlier procedures in certain tax situations. Even in the sectors where there are no expressed uncertainties, there are certain situations in taxation that require a high-quality tax analysis. However, this is mostly the case with specific business such as construction and many others, mostly industries of recent origin, or activities that have been subject to change legislation more often. However, due to the diversity of our clientele, and frequent ad hoc requests for analysis, we are able to offer a knowledge base that is applicable to all tax situations.

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