Defence in criminal proceedings

Defence in criminal proceedings

Protecting Your Rights: Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorneys at Your Side

Stojković Attorneys advise and represent clients in such delicate matters as follows:

  • Criminal defence (Organised and General Crime);
  • Anti-money laundering;
  • Abuse of official position;
  • Extraction of loan facilities without collateral;
  • Bribery and corruption;
  • Business crime;
  • Commercial fraud;
  • Internet and computer crime;
  • Extradition and transnational crime;
  • Misdemeanors and economic offences;
  • Police station and court representation;
  • Tax fraud;
  • Competition, price fixing and dawn raids;
  • Confiscation and asset recovery;
  • Compensation claims;
  • Regulatory investigations and disciplinary proceedings;
  • Traffic violations;
  • Negligence defence.

In Serbia, as an individual accused of a crime, you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, if the prosecution cannot prove every element of the charges against you beyond reasonable doubt and with a level of certainty to a presiding court-of-law, you cannot be convicted of such a particular offence.

To assist you in guarding your legal interests, you have a right to be defended by a lawyer that you select freely at every step of the process at hand. In addition, you are entitled not to answer any question or submit to police interrogation in Serbia.

Whenever faced with such matters, it is important to shield your interests by consulting a lawyer and refuse to take any action until you have done so.

If you take the aforesaid action, Stojković Attorneys would be in the best position to help you.

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