Family law

Family life is rarely static, more often it is rife with ups and downs, which can enhance or deteriorate family relations.

In both, planning and expansion of the family (e.g. marrying or adopting a child) and unwanted situations when it comes to dysfunction and divorce of the marriage, it is of paramount importance to seek an advice from dutiful and professional family law lawyers. This because decisions in this periods are often carried out in stress and emotions, and they have far-reaching consequences.

In order for these decisions to be concluded in the right way, Stojković Attorneys can help you to perceive all the aspects to which those decisions can  affect you, and to predict and prevent negative consequences, having in mind your and interests of your bellowed ones.

Therefore, we can answer to numerous questions, and among them on:

  • How shall I support myself after the divorce when my spouse was the primary income earner?
  • How do I fight for sole custody of my children?
  • What should be included in a prenuptial agreement?
  • How do I protect my interests in divorce proceedings?
  • What do I need to be aware of when considering adoption?

Except from division of property, some of the most important questions of the family law are:

Custody over a child and support

Stojković Attorneys can help you in proceedings before the Court and Social service, to fight for the maximum of your rights, all the time having in mind interest of your child as a paramount value.

Marriage divorce

Our experts are dedicated, at the first place, to found a compromise to solve our clients’ problem and to avoid stress, unnecessary costs and creating an animosity in between spouses, and to (on an agreement basis) solve custody and property issues that often comes out from marriage divorce, in order to prevent long and gruelling proceedings before the court.

In gloomy times of divorce, we are ready to help you and your family to overcome the problems in a painless way and to pave a road to new, healthy relationships.