Buy or sell a business in Serbia or Montenegro

For over a decade, Stojković Attorneys have provided legal assistance to business owners in Serbia, Montenegro and other countries in SE Europe so that they may take their businesses to new routes and destinations leveraging our respective expertise in sales, purchases, mergers and acquisitions  procedures. 

As transaction facilitators, our focus is to consider the business plans and intentions of our clients and make them a reality.

Our sale and purchase / M&A services include:

  • Performing full or limited legal and/or tax due diligence. As the quality and quantity of information is imperative to informed decision making, our team apply professional diligence to extract any irregularities under the surface of a business transaction so that our clients avoid potential risks and make decisions with the best knowledge possible.
  • Supervising business evaluation and negotiating the purchase price. Stojković Attorneys co-operate efficiently with financial advisors to facilitate securing the best deal at the right price while providing our clients with expert guidance at the bargaining table.
  • Help in securing finance. By gathering all the information necessary, our law firm can assist in securing the appropriate financing solution and avoid complex financial pit falls to ensure the process is not hindered by or tied up in regulatory red tape.
  • Counselling you of tax consequences. Stojković Attorneys work closely with prominent tax consultants to ensure transactions are structured correctly for the maximum tax benefit.
  • Reducing liability. When taking over an existing business, clients most certainly wish to avoid inheriting lawsuits or other liabilities resulting from the transaction.. Therefore, prior to any acquisition, Stojković Attorneys exercise due diligence and ensure clients are protected from surprise lawsuits and liabilities for which the previous owners may be held accountable. To that end, we propose adequate safeguards and measures to mitigate or eliminate risks accordingly.
  • Structuring the deal. By carefully assessing a particular transaction, Stojković Attorneys counsel clients on whether to secure an asset deal, a stock purchase, or reorganisation while minimising liabilities and taxes.
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts. Our law firm ensures our clients’ objectives are precisely conveyed in each and every contract. To that end, we then work to implement the terms of those contracts, including litigating as necessary.

We appreciate that you may have worked with other professional advisors.  Hence, we remain pro-active to keep designated client team members familiar with all relevant legal aspects of their transaction.

If you are looking for advice on buying or selling a business in Serbia or Montenegro, feel free to contact Stojković Attorneys today to schedule a consultation.