State aid

State aid

Ensuring State Aid Compliance in Serbia: EU Obligations and International Treaties

Serbia took an obligation to implement the EU State aid rules on its soil under international treaties Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), the Energy Community Treaty (ECT) and the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA).

At Stojković Attorneys, we are your trusted partners, offering expert legal support and comprehensive counsel in the areas of state aid, competition, tax, and corporate law.

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With a wealth of experience advising clients under the scrutiny of the European Commission and Energy Community institutions, we are well-equipped to guide you through the intricacies of state aid compliance.

Our State Aid Services Include:

  1. General Counselling and Audits:

We conduct thorough assessments to identify potential state aid elements and antitrust concerns in your proposed investments, divestments, Public-Private transactions, and other commercial dealings involving a public element.

  1. Advising and Ensuring Compatibility:

Our expert team provides clear advice on the compatibility of your proposed subsidies and state aid instruments with Serbian and applicable EU rules. We offer legal oversight throughout the entire process, from the application to the aid-granting authority, to the pre-granting notification to the CSAC.

  1. Clearing Proposed State Aid Measures:

We assist in clearing proposed state aid measures under the notification procedure before the Commission for the State Aid Control (CSAC), ensuring compliance and minimizing regulatory risks.

  1. Substantive Defence:

In cases where a state aid element is contested, we offer robust defense to establish the non-existence of state aid in a transaction or argue for the compatibility of the state aid awards with local and EU regulations.

  1. Protection of Client’s Commercial Interests:

If your commercial interests are affected by an unlawful or incompatible state aid, our team will advocate for your rights and work diligently to safeguard your interests.

  1. State Aid Compliance Training:

Stay informed and empowered with our state aid compliance training, designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for navigating state aid regulations effectively.

Put Your Trust in Our Expertise

With a proven track record of successfully structuring complex business transactions, our lawyers are well-versed in state aid matters and ready to provide tailored solutions for your specific needs. Reduce investment costs, ensure compliance, and protect your commercial interests with Stojković Attorneys by your side.

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