Business and commercial law

Through proper planning and by providing a full range of corporate law services to businesses operating in Serbia and Montenegro, Stojković Attorneys help entrepreneurs, small, medium and large businesses to resolve or avoid any current or potential legal problems.

Some of the many services our law firm provides are as follows:

  • Drafting, negotiating, and reviewing all types of corporate documents, agreements and contracts;
  • Representing clients in contract, tort, commercial and other disputes;
  • Support in the sale and purchase of a business as well as carrying out mergers and acquisitions;
  • Support in the purchase or sale of goods and services;
  • Support in acquiring and constructing equipment and facilities;
  • Help with all labour and employment issues: general counseling (legal opinions on various labour-related matters), employment agreements (tailored for specific job positions), service agreements and other out-of-employment agreements (e.g. management contracts), internal labour-related bye-laws (Labour Rulebook, Job Organisation and Systematisation Act, Rulebook on Procedure of Internal Whistleblowing, etc.), staff mobility and secondment of employees to a different employer, issuance of work permits for foreign employees in Serbia, incentive schemes for employees (e.g. Share Awards Plans, Share Option Plans, Loyalty Plans), consensual termination of employment as well as unilateral employment termination (preparation of necessary documentation and procedures), etc.
  • Ensuring compliance with the constantly growing rules, regulations and laws affecting businesses;
    Help with securities offerings as well as securities rules and regulations;
  • Carrying out corporate changes and transformations;
  • Assistance with the transfer of assets and personnel between business entities;
  • Business litigation, shareholder or ownership disputes (including shareholders’ derivative actions, etc.);
  • Tax planning and tax litigation;
  • Regulatory and administrative registrations and requirements re medicines and medical devices (health and pharmaceutical sector);
  • Legal advice and representation to oil, gas and energy businesses;
  • Legal services to all sectors of the gaming and leisure industry;
  • Legal advice and representation to foreign and local motor and car parts retailers and manufacturers;
  • Help with state aid and government financial assistance programmes;
  • GDPR and Data Protection regulations;
  • Fire safety;
  • Health and safety;
  • Environment.