Environment Law

Environment Law

Serbia’s environment is legally protected by numerous laws and bye-laws, of which the most important are the Environmental Protection Act, the Criminal Code, as well as criminal offences prescribed by special laws.

Stojković Attorneys advise and represent clients in various administrative procedures before the Ministry of Environmental Protection, including processes to obtain permits for the storage, treatment and disposal of waste, to civil or criminal proceedings that result from the violation of the legal provisions protecting the environment.

Stojković Attorneys are ready to guard your interests when conducting business regulated by environmental protection legislation, or if you are, in any respect, affected by the acts or omissions of a polluters in Serbia.

Environmental Regulation in Serbia

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Agency are in charge of enforcing environmental law in Serbia. These agencies are in charge of implementing and enforcing environmental laws and regulations, such as those governing air and water quality, waste management, and natural resource protection.

The Environmental Protection Law, which establishes the legal framework for environmental protection and pollution prevention, is the principal piece of legislation controlling environmental law in Serbia. The law outlines individuals’ and organizations’ responsibility to prevent environmental harm and lays out the procedures for assessing and approving environmental impact assessments.

In addition to the Environmental Protection Law, several laws and regulations govern environmental management in Serbia, including the Law on Water Management, the Law on Forest Management, and the Law on Waste Management.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection is in charge of developing environmental policy and establishing environmental standards, whereas the Environmental Protection Agency is in charge of enforcing environmental laws and regulations, including conducting inspections and taking legal action against individuals and organizations who break the law.

Overall, Serbia’s regulatory structure is intended to safeguard the environment, prevent pollution, and guarantee that individuals and companies follow environmental standards.

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