Tax planning

Tax planning

Tax planning is the process of implementing knowledge of the tax systems to a particular company with the aim of planning tax liabilities.

This process exists in its two forms:

Ad Hoc planning

Planning certain business ideas or projects. This includes the analysis of a specific tax situation (a new venture) in order to precisely predict the entire tax burden. Of course, the goal of tax planning is to minimize taxes for the given circumstances, within the letter and the spirit of the tax legislation.

Continuous Planning

This type of planning is constantly present in working with our clients and aims to continuously review the business organization in order to determine the optimal method of organization in order to reduce the tax liabilities within the applicable legislation. Permanent planning is necessary due to the constant changes in tax regulations always present in any business environment, but also because of the constant changes within the company.

Tax planning also has its specific dimension – INTERNATIONAL TAX PLANNING.

In the contemporary world, the state borders have become too narrow a space for modern business activities so that businesses have increasingly started going international. International tax planning has its two dimensions: tax planning and avoidance of double international taxation on income and property. Both of these dimensions are becoming an essential part of a business, so that consequently our services are available to clients in this area.

Having years of experience in tax counseling with a variety of businesses and by continuous improvement and professional development in this area, we have formed a core of knowledge that guarantees a quality overall financial and tax planning for all types of activities.

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