PPPs and Concesions

In order to provide their clients with full service in advising and representing in procedures related to private-public partnerships (PPPs) and concessions, lawyers from the Stojković Attorneys are cooperating with the most prominent experts with decades of experience in the area of PPPs and concessions.

Services offered by Stojković Law Office and its team of associates in this matter are:

  • Market analysis and selection of an adequate location;
  • Making contact with the public sector;
  • Drafting a PPP/concession act project proposal;
  • Due diligence, case study drafting, financial analysis, risk matrix, VfM and PSC calculations;
  • Preparing a proposal for a PPP contract;
  • Preparing a tender documentation and monitoring of the flow of the procurement.

Industries in which attorneys and experts of the law office Stojković advised in this area include:

  • Traffic and road infrastructure;
  • Airports and ports;
  • Waste management and other comunal activities;
  • Public roads;
  • Healthcare;
  • Tourism;
  • Ropeways

Our expertise in realisation of the public-private partnerships guarantee you the impeccable conduction of the PPP cycle – from drafting project proposal, to tender procedure and eventual protection of the bidders’ rights and signing all of the agreements.

Our team of experts are set to help you in both listed and other industries, as witnessed by numerous of successful projects.