Stojković Attorneys help clients deal with the legal and tax aspects of transport activities in every business segment.

We provide personalised services in accordance with special regulations related to the transport of passengers and goods in order to meet the needs of clients in relation to:

Labor legislation

  • Drafting contracts for the engagement and employment of traffic personnel;
  • Drafting tailor made Rules of Procedure and other acts governing work duties, discipline and sanctions;
  • Drafting the Rulebook on Systematisation and Organisation;
  • Advising on the procedure of the termination of employment contracts and preparation of documentation following termination;
  • Advising on all labour issues related to traffic personnel;
  • Acting and representing in litigation in relation to lawsuits for unlawful dismissal, payments of overtime compensation and work during the holidays, compensations of damage due to injury at work, etc.


Compensation and collection:

  • Advising on the compensation of material and non-material damage suffered by passengers;
  • Facilitating mediation to reach settlement of the dispute over compensation;
  • Representing in litigation for compensation of material and non-material damage suffered by passengers;
  • Representing in court proceedings for the compensation of the damage incurred by the transporter;
  • Collection of claims that the transporter has towards debtors, whether public institutions or companies.


Misdemeanor procedure

  • Compliance due diligence of current state of business and operations;
  • Advising on business operations in accordance with regulations and prevention of violations of any rule;
  • Representing in misdemeanor proceedings before the Misdemeanor Court and other state bodies.


Public procurement

  • Advising on participation in public procurement procedures;
  • Preparation and provision of documentation necessary for participation in public procurement.