Exploring the Future: How Lex Specialis Shapes Belgrade EXPO 2027’s Vision

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In the vibrant heart of Serbia, the anticipation for the Belgrade EXPO 2027 is building, promising a landmark event that aims to reshape the economic landscape of the region. As the official framework, the Lex Specialis sets the stage for an unprecedented international showcase. This article delves into the intricate details of the Lex Specialis, a pivotal legislation designed to streamline the processes and pave the way for the successful realization of the Belgrade EXPO 2027. With a focus on innovation, infrastructure, and international collaboration, the Lex Specialis is not just a legal document but a beacon of Serbia’s commitment to global economic development and cultural exchange.

What the Lex Specialis Foresees for Belgrade EXPO 2027

In the next three years, a total of 22.6 billion dinars will be allocated annually to achieve the Belgrade EXPO 2027 project, as proposed by the 2024 budget. This amounts to a total of 67.8 billion dinars, or about 578 million euros. The state will implement this project under a special law – lex specialis, which bypasses public procurement.

“The realization of the EXPO BELGRADE 2027 project represents a general interest of significance for the overall economic development of the Republic of Serbia. All procedures conducted in accordance with the provisions of this law are considered urgent, and all state bodies and local government units, economic companies, as well as other bodies and institutions exercising public authority, are obliged to issue acts within their competence without delay,” states the proposal of the special law, which is already in the parliamentary procedure, along with the 2024 Budget Bill.

What Does the Belgrade Expo Lex Specialis Foresee?

This lex specialis – the Law on Special Procedures for the Realization of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO Belgrade 2027 – foresees that the Belgrade EXPO 2027 project will be implemented in phases. From the budget for this and the following years, it is clear that an amount of 22.6 billion dinars has been allocated for 2024, 2025, and 2026 solely through the section of the Ministry of Finance (with additional costs such as a billion dinars in subsidies to private companies through the Ministry of Economy, etc.). Adding another 13 billion dinars, which is forecasted for each of the next three years for the construction of the National Stadium – totaling 39 billion dinars, the total cost amounts to at least 106.8 billion dinars, or almost a billion euros (910 million euros) for these investments.

Moreover, the works for constructing the exhibition space for EXPO 2027, accommodation facilities for participants and visitors, the National Stadium, and related infrastructure, which could amount to a billion euros, will be contracted without applying the Public Procurement Law. Although this poses a significant risk of higher costs than in a fully competitive environment, it allows the entire project to be carried out quickly, efficiently, and simply.

This lex specialis pertains to the realization of the specialized exhibition EXPO BELGRADE 2027, as well as the construction of the National Football Stadium and residential buildings for accommodating participants and visitors. “Construction outside the spatial plan boundaries includes the construction of missing infrastructure, organizing accompanying events outside the Spatial Plan coverage, facade renovation in certain urban zones and units, and other issues of importance for the realization of the mentioned project,” explains the proposal of the law.

Establishing New Companies

The establishment of companies for implementing the EXPO 2027 project is foreseen, which would coordinate all activities of this project, as well as individual special-purpose economic companies that will be tasked with constructing residential buildings.


This special law establishes the public interest for the expropriation of real estate “for the purpose of constructing facilities in accordance with the Spatial Plan, as well as with spatial and urban planning documents.” “All expropriation procedures of real estate for the construction of infrastructure facilities in function of the EXPO BELGRADE 2027 project are conducted in accordance with this law based on the Government’s decision determining the public interest for the construction of infrastructure facilities that are in function of the EXPO BELGRADE 2027 project. The beneficiary of expropriation is the Republic of Serbia,” states the proposal of the law.

Who Supervises the Work

The Construction Directorate of Serbia Ltd. will manage and supervise the project, overseeing the construction of facilities, as well as individual special-purpose companies that will be responsible for constructing residential buildings. The law foresees that locations be handed over to the EXPO 2027 participants by December 1, 2026, and the introduction of items to be exhibited will be allowed from March 1, 2027.

What Happens After EXPO 2027

Apartments and other special parts in the residential complex built for public purposes, i.e., accommodation of participants of the international specialized exhibition EXPO 2027, can be alienated to third parties under commercial terms, in a manner, procedure, and under conditions prescribed by the Government, as foreseen by this law. After the conclusion of the international specialized exhibition EXPO 2027, the building land in the open residential block that is in public use will be transferred, without compensation, to the local self-government unit in whose territory it is located. The complex of pavilions, as a unit planned as an exhibition space with pavilions and accompanying contents, according to the Spatial Plan, after the conclusion of this international specialized exhibition, will be transferred for management and use – to the Belgrade Fair.

The Belgrade EXPO 2027, underpinned by the strategic guidance of the Lex Specialis, represents a significant milestone in Serbia’s journey towards international recognition and economic prosperity. This legislation not only facilitates the smooth execution of the EXPO but also fosters an environment conducive to foreign investment and global partnerships. As we look forward to the transformative impact of the EXPO on Serbia and its global standing, the Lex Specialis emerges as a cornerstone of this monumental event. It encapsulates the vision, dedication, and forward-thinking approach necessary for hosting an event of this magnitude. The Belgrade EXPO 2027 is set to be a dazzling showcase of innovation, collaboration, and cultural diversity, marking a new era of opportunity and growth for Serbia on the world stage.

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