Why Is It Vital To Recognize Extramarital Union In Serbia?


The best response to this topic comes from someone who, as an adulterous partner, attempted to exercise some of his rights before responsible authorities in the Republic of Serbia.

That person would most likely offer you a quick, affirmative answer so you don’t have to go through the calvary she went through.

Because, despite knowing all those old bazaar stories about how “married and common-law spouses are equal before the law,” she was convinced of the reverse in her real life.

This happened lately to a lovely young lady from Belgrade.

Her story is incredibly informative, and it’s well worth your time to learn something new and valuable.

She nearly ended herself on the street after the unexpected death of her boyfriend, the father of the small boy with whom she shared an apartment.

Despite the fact that they bought that apartment together and throughout their marriage!

However, the unit was merely registered under his name in the real estate cadastre.

And after his death, which ended the beautiful and peaceful life they shared, suddenly and out of nowhere, certain relatives (with whom he otherwise had horrible and ugly connections) emerged to seek for “their part”.

As if that wasn’t enough, the question of whether the child was his arose because it was not properly recognized at birth.

But, fortunately for our heroine, everything ended successfully for her and the child, but not without a hard fight, a lot of agony, and a lot of money.

That is why it is critical to resolve the status of adulterous union as soon as possible.

It is a sort of vital life insurance that protects one or both common-law partners in the event of an unanticipated event.

What would happen to the minor child and his possessions if both the mother and father died?

As a result, an adulterous partner with a shared kid is not automatically included in the circle of heirs.

This means that if one common-law partner dies, the other must commence legal processes to establish the existence of his property rights.

In addition, if an extramarital partner dies and the child is not formally recognized before the registrar (which rarely occurs in practice), there is no legal assumption that the mother’s extramarital partner is the child’s father, and the mother would have to initiate court proceedings to prove that he is the deceased common-law partner, father of the child.

This is expensive, time-consuming, and painful.

The same is true for exercising one’s claim to a family pension.

As a result, you can use this chance to determine whether your common-law union fits the standards for recognition.

In this regard, we have created an online test that allows anyone to quickly and simply determine whether their community fits the criteria for recognition.

If you wish to resolve this crucial life issue, please fill out this form, and we will let you know how things stand in your case.

That’s how basic it all is.

Simply be determined, bold, and joyful!

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