Want to Relocate to Serbia? Become a Resident in Just 3 steps!

Due to its exceptional geographical position, the Republic of Serbia has always been an attractive destination for foreigners, and as it has recently recorded significant and stable economic growth, this has led to the expansion of foreign investments and global immigration.

If you are a foreigner planning to expand your business to the Republic of Serbia or you are a foreigner looking for a job in the Republic of Serbia, below is an overview of the basic steps you must go through in order to achieve that goal.




Before you decide to move to the Republic of Serbia, you should first determine whether you need a visa to enter the country, because the rules vary depending on the country you come from.

Citizens of the countries of the European Union, the United States of America, the Russian Federation and only a few other Asian countries are allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Serbia without a visa.

The tourist stay for foreigners, who can enter the Republic of Serbia without a visa, can last up to 90 days, in a total period of 180 days, unless a different period of the duration of the visa-free tourist stay is determined by an international agreement or Government decision.

If you come from one of the countries that do not fall under the visa-free regime for entering the Republic of Serbia, you need to contact the nearest diplomatic and consular representation of the Republic of Serbia abroad and secure a visa C or visa D, depending on the reason for your arrival and the length of your planned stay in the Republic of Serbia . What you should pay attention to is that if you plan to stay in Serbia for more than 90 days or if you want to work in the Republic of Serbia, it is necessary to obtain a visa for a longer stay, i.e. visa D.




After you have successfully obtained a D visa and entered the Republic of Serbia, i.e. if you come from a country that falls under the visa-free regime, the next step ahead of you is to submit a request for a temporary residence permit.

The request for obtaining a temporary residence permit is submitted to Foreigners Office of the Ministry of the Interior according to the place where the foreigner plans to live.

What is important is that the basis for applying for a temporary residence permit should be the same as the basis for an approved D visa.




Whether you are employed in the Republic of Serbia or are registered as an entrepreneur or have a share in the ownership of a company, after obtaining a residence permit it is necessary to obtain a work permit.

Which request you will submit depends on whether you are employed in your own company or registered as an entrepreneur (self-employment) or employed in a company that you do not own (employment).

The request for a work permit for self-employment is submitted personally, while the request for a work permit for employment is submitted by the employer to the competent branch of the National Employment Service.

P.S. Immigration matters are very sensitive and require a detailed and dedicated approach, so it is best to have an immigration law expert accompany you along the way.

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