Want To Educate Your Kids In Serbia? Find That Out Now! And Also Learn How You Can Relocate Your Entire Family!

The Republic of Serbia (“Serbia”) allows foreign citizens to study under the same conditions and in the same manner prescribed for its citizens. There is a common misconception that studying abroad is only for college students. Many people do not know that the same right is guaranteed for children who want to enroll in primary or secondary school in Serbia. Sending your child to study abroad may seem early to some, but there are in fact more than a few benefits and you maybe won’t have to part at all.

To clarify, in order for your child to be able to attend classes and actively study in Serbia, they will have to obtain a temporary residence permit. This will not be difficult since one of the legally prescribed bases for its approval is, exactly, education in Serbia. But what many people don’t know is that this is also an opportunity to move your entire family here.

If you’re wondering how you will find the answer below.

“How can my child obtain a temporary residence permit to study in Serbia?”

The process for obtaining a temporary residence permit on the bases of education is essentially no different than obtaining one on any other grounds. The request for obtaining a temporary residence permit is, by default, submitted to the Directorate for Foreigners of the Ministry of the Interior (in person or electronically). In addition to mandatory documentation, it’s necessary to submit a certificate of enrollment in a verified educational institution in Serbia.

However, when it comes to minors, there are certain additional conditions that must be met. First, the child must have the consent of their parents, guardians, or legal representatives. The second requirement is a guarantee that an adult living in Serbia will be responsible for a foreigner during his stay in the Republic of Serbia, especially in terms of providing accommodation, health care, and means of support to a minor foreigner.

This guarantor can be any of your family members or close friends living in Serbia. It can even be a foreign citizen with a temporary residence permit (although the child’s temporary residence will then be approved for the same period).

As a special benefit for children who do not understand the Serbian language, it is also possible to obtain a temporary residence permit if they enroll in an organization registered for language learning. However, it should be kept in mind that this possibility exists only for persons who plan to learn the Serbian language in order to continue their education in Serbia.

“How to relocate my entire family to Serbia?”

Serbian Law on Foreigners[1] stipulates that an immediate family member of a foreigner with a temporary residence permit, who fulfills the general conditions, has the right to obtain a temporary residence permit as well. It is about the so-called family reunification.

Among others, an immediate family member is considered to be the parent of a minor child, as well as any other close relative if certain criteria is met.

The procedure for obtaining the permit is the same, only the basis is different, and therefore the documentation as well. In addition to mandatory documentation, the family member must submit a personal document proving kinship (such as the birth certificate of a minor child).

P.S. Immigration matters are extremely sensitive and demand a detailed and committed approach. Therefore, it’s essential that you ensure, before submitting a request for the extension of your temporary stay, that you carefully consider all aspects of your case to avoid any unfavorable outcomes that may hinder the process and make it costly and even unsuccessful.

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[1] Law on Foreigners („Official Gazette“, no. 24/2018 and 31/2019)

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