Unlocking EXPO BELGRADE 2027: A Quick Guide to Serbia’s Landmark Exhibition Law

Understanding the Serbia Expo Law Framework

The “Law on Special Procedures for the Realization of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO BELGRADE 2027” establishes the legal framework for organizing and executing the EXPO BELGRADE 2027 project. It outlines the conditions, criteria, and procedures for the exhibition’s realization, including the construction of the National Football Stadium and residential buildings for participants and visitors. This includes provisions for construction within and outside the specified Spatial Plan areas, emphasizing the project’s significance for Serbia’s economic development.

Expedited Implementation for Economic Growth

The law prioritizes the project’s implementation, mandating urgent action from all related state bodies, local government units, and economic entities. It defines key terms related to the project, such as the Spatial Plan, infrastructure facilities, investor definitions, and the manager of EXPO BELGRADE 2027. Additionally, it specifies procedures for drafting or amending planning documents, public inspection processes, and the issuance of necessary construction permits and documents.

Facilitating Infrastructure Development and Public Benefit

Public interest is declared for the expropriation of property needed for construction, with the Republic of Serbia as the beneficiary. The law simplifies and expedites procedures for the formation of cadastral parcels, issuance of construction and occupancy permits, and it outlines the phases of construction, including special provisions for high-rise buildings. It also exempts certain project-related procedures from the technical control requirements and fees typically associated with construction, aiming to facilitate a streamlined process.

Post-Expo Opportunities and Governance

Furthermore, the law addresses the post-exhibition use of constructed facilities, including their transfer and management, and exempts specific companies involved in the project from the public procurement law. The ministry responsible for finance oversees the law’s implementation, with deadlines set for submitting technical documentation and adopting related acts.

Supporting Serbia’s Economic and Social Advancement

This legislative framework is designed to support the efficient and effective realization of EXPO BELGRADE 2027, ensuring the necessary infrastructure and facilities are developed on time and in accordance with the project’s goals, ultimately contributing to Serbia’s economic and social development.”

Readers may read for free the complete Serbia Expo Law in English by clicking here.

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