The Serbian Parliament Enacts 5 Crucial Changes to Construction Law

Serbia’s legislative body has recently approved a series of groundbreaking amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction (the “Construction Law“), poised to bring substantial transformations to the construction industry, urban planning, and energy efficiency.

Key highlights of these amendments encompass:

  1. Elimination of Land Conversion Fees

The abolishment of land conversion fees stands as a pivotal alteration. This change is set to empower current land users to seamlessly transition their usage rights into full ownership rights, fostering unrestricted development and trade opportunities. Entities previously subject to privatization, bankruptcy, or enforcement procedures, along with their legal successors, will be required to procure location information from the forthcoming Urban Planning and Urbanism Agency. This information will validate that the land’s intended purpose aligns with non-public facilities or areas. Moreover, the resolution of ongoing ownership disputes is a prerequisite for completing the conversion process.

  1. Mandatory Energy Passports

A paramount addition to the Construction Law is the mandatory acquisition of energy passports for all buildings. These passports will serve as certifications of a building’s energy efficiency and environmental impact, becoming a mandatory prerequisite for all future sales. Existing commercial building owners are also mandated to acquire energy passports for their structures or individual units within five years of these amendments’ implementation.

  1. Compulsory Electric Vehicle Chargers

A significant stride towards sustainability involves the compulsory installation of electric vehicle chargers in new buildings and parking areas. As electric vehicles gain popularity and the need for accessible charging infrastructure surges, this amendment strives to propel electric mobility while curbing reliance on fossil fuels.

  1. Investor Liability Insurance

A notable enhancement pertains to investor accountability. Investors are now obligated to secure third-party liability insurance, ensuring stakeholder interests remain safeguarded and providing financial security in the face of unforeseen incidents.

  1. Streamlined Permit Issuance

The amendments also prioritize an enhanced electronic system for permit issuance. By introducing greater accountability for adhering to stipulated timelines, this change aims to streamline the permit application process.


PS. In summary, the revamped Construction Law amendments herald a progressive leap forward for Serbia’s construction sector. Anticipated to cultivate a more resilient and ecologically mindful landscape, these changes are poised to redefine the industry’s trajectory.

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