STATT Enhances Legal Expertise with New Talent: A Bright Future for Clients in Diverse Sectors

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In a strategic move to bolster its legal prowess, AK STATT has welcomed aboard two outstanding legal professionals, Ms. Dejana Kostić and Ms. Anđela Bajić. This significant enhancement in the firm’s expertise spectrum is set to bring a host of benefits to our clients, particularly in sectors like energy, medical, it, employment, trade, immigration, contracts, and real estate.

Ms. Dejana Kostić: A Licensed Lawyer with a Corporate Focus

Ms. Kostić, a seasoned and licensed lawyer, joins AK STATT to lead and manage the legal needs of corporate clients. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the energy, medical, employment, and trade sectors are invaluable assets. Clients in these industries can expect tailored legal guidance that’s not only compliant with the latest regulations but also strategic in fostering growth and mitigating risks. Her expertise means clients will have access to top-tier legal advice, ensuring their operations are both legally sound and strategically positioned for success.

Ms. Anđela Bajić: Expertise in Immigration, Contract, and Real Estate Law

Ms. Bajić, a licensed legal associate, brings knowledge and eagerness to support her senior colleagues in immigration, contract, and real estate law. Her engagement with AK STATT is a boon for clients navigating the complexities of these areas. Whether it’s assisting with immigration processes, drafting and reviewing contracts, or handling real estate transactions, Ms. Bajić’s proficiency will provide clients with comprehensive and reliable legal support. Her involvement signifies a more robust legal framework for clients, helping them to seamlessly navigate legal challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Client-Focused Approach: Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

AK STATT’s decision to employ these two legal professionals demonstrates the firm’s commitment to a client-focused approach. The diverse expertise of Ms. Kostić and Ms. Bajić ensures that clients across various sectors receive specialized and bespoke legal services. This holistic approach not only addresses specific legal requirements but also aligns with clients’ long-term objectives and business strategies.

A Promising Future with Enhanced Legal Support

The addition of Ms. Kostić and Ms. Bajić to AK STATT’s team marks a new era of enhanced legal services for its clients. Their appointments are a clear indication of AK STATT’s dedication to offering comprehensive, top-quality legal support tailored to the evolving needs of its clientele. With these new engagements, AK STATT clients can look forward to a period of robust legal backing, marked by expertise, reliability, and strategic foresight.

In summary, the future looks bright for AK STATT clients, who stand to benefit significantly from the expertise and client-centered legal support provided by Ms. Dejana Kostić and Ms. Anđela Bajić. Their roles at AK STATT are not just positions filled but strategic additions that promise to elevate the level of service and satisfaction for clients in various sectors.

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