Serbia’s Energy Sector Reforms – New Insights from UPES Conference

Sofija Stefanovic (AK STATT) & Mina Radojević Vlačić (AK STATT) PKS UPES

At the 6th Annual UPES Conference, held on December 8, 2023, in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, our colleagues from AK STATT actively participated: Mina Radojević Vlačić, a senior lawyer specializing in energy law, and Sofija Stefanović, an associate also focusing on this practice area.

The conference aimed to highlight the importance and impact of reforms in Serbia’s energy sector, with a particular focus on the EU’s decarbonization process. Discussions revolved around the new Regulation on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and its impact on third countries, including Serbia.

Debates developed around the challenges faced by the Energy Community Contracting Parties in terms of unfair competition and the need to transpose EU laws. The necessity for investments in new energy sources and issues regarding the security of supply were also highlighted.


The conference covered two main sessions: (1) CBAM and EU ETS: Significance and Effects and (2) Legislative Innovation Elements in Energy. These sessions provided participants with opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences on current topics in the sector.

For more information on this topic and AK STATT’s activities, contact us.

AK STATT, CBAM and EU ETS, energy conference, energy law, energy reforms, Mina Radojević Vlačić, Serbian energy, Serbian energy policy", Sofija Stefanović, UPES

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