Serbia’s Bold Move: The New 2023 Law on Foreigners – Transforming the Business and Investment Landscape

Law on Foreigners Serbia 2023 Belgrade, Stari grad

August 2023 marked a significant milestone in Serbia’s legislative environment with the implementation of the New Law on Foreigners. This law revolutionizes the approach to foreign investments and workforce integration in Serbia, promising to reshape the business environment and attract global talent.

Modernization and Liberalization

At its core, this law modernizes and liberalizes the conditions for foreigners entering the Serbian market. By extending the duration for which residence and work permits are granted, Serbia positions itself as a welcoming destination for international professionals and entrepreneurs.

Extended Temporary Residence Permits

In a notable shift from the previous one-year limit, the law now allows temporary residence to be granted for up to three years. This extension significantly reduces bureaucratic hurdles and provides stability for foreign nationals planning longer-term projects or business ventures in Serbia.

Pathway to Permanent Residence

Adding to its appeal, the law simplifies the path to permanent residence. Foreign nationals can now apply for permanent residency after three consecutive years on an approved temporary residence permit, a move that acknowledges the contribution of long-term foreign residents to Serbia’s economy and culture.

Digitalization of Permit Processes

In alignment with global digital trends, the law introduces complete digitalization of the process for obtaining temporary residence and work permits by February 2024. This digital transformation is expected to streamline procedures, making it easier and more efficient for foreigners to establish their presence in Serbia.

Welcoming a Diverse Foreign Workforce

The new law is particularly forward-thinking in its inclusion of new grounds for residence applications. It opens doors to foreign investors, digital nomads, and individuals engaged in innovative activities, signaling Serbia’s recognition of the diverse forms of modern work and entrepreneurship.

PS. The New Law on Foreigners in Serbia is a game-changer, signaling the country’s commitment to becoming a hub for international talent and investment. By easing the entry and residence process for foreigners, Serbia not only enhances its appeal as a business destination but also enriches its cultural and economic landscape.

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