Serbia Set to Introduce Game-Changing Citizenship Law

AT the beginning of this month, the Working Group, led by representatives of the Government, prepared a new draft Law on Citizenship.

At the end of the last week, the Serbian government approved this draft and passed it to the Serbian Parliament for review, consideration and adoption.

Hence, the coming of new Serbian law on citizenship seems imminent.

This is a very important piece of legislation for all.

On one side, it is part of a package of regulatory changes that regulate the stay and work of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia, together with the draft laws on amendments and additions to the Law on Foreigners and the Law on Employment of Foreigners, which the Government recently adopted.

These changes aim to attract highly skilled foreign workforce and ensure continuous GDP growth through economic development and financial stability.

In addition, minor changes are proposed to provisions that have shown a need for correction in their application, primarily aimed at protecting the interests of minors and protecting against statelessness.

On the other hand, this draft, once is adopted and implemented, would open the door for many to finally apply and receive their well-deserved Serbian citizenship.

Before elaborating in detail on each and every change that you can expect, below you may find 6 most important amendments and additions, such as

Simplified Citizenship Registration

  • Simplified submission of requests for registration in the records of citizens of the Republic of Serbia and release from citizenship for minors.

Everyone Will Eventually Get Their Citizenship – No More Apartides

  • Mechanisms for protection against statelessness are added for persons who have not used legal opportunities to apply for Serbian citizenship and have thus remained without documents, i.e., “legally invisible persons.”

Release From Previous Citizenship Is Not Any Longer Needed

  • The conditions for release from previous citizenship and residence in the Republic of Serbia for a period of three years are eliminated for foreigners who have been approved for permanent residency in the Republic of Serbia, except for those foreigners who have been approved for asylum, for which they must have residence in the Republic of Serbia for a period of three years.

A Brand New Way To Getting A Serbian Citizenship

  • A new basis for admission of foreigners to citizenship is introduced for a specific category of foreigners (who have approved temporary residence and meet the conditions for education and employment, as well as their spouses).

Spouses of Serbian Nationals That Reside Abroad Will Finally Be Able To Obtain Serbian Passports

  • The proposed amendment provides the possibility for spouses of our citizens who do not have permanent residency in the Republic of Serbia to acquire citizenship after ten years of marriage, which was not previously allowed. Spouses of domestic citizens who have approved permanent residency can be admitted without additional conditions, i.e., without the condition that the marriage lasts for three years as currently prescribed.

New Rules For Descendants of Serbian Emigrants For Admission To Citizenship

  • Additionally, the amendment clarifies that descendants of emigrants from the Republic of Serbia can be admitted to citizenship only up to the second degree of kinship in the direct line, and only if the emigrant has not been released from Serbian citizenship.


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