Serbia Implements New Regulations for Foreign Nationals

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As of February 1, 2024, Serbia has officially commenced the application of three brand new regulations that significantly impact the status of foreign nationals residing in the country.

These regulations are as follows:

  1. Regulation on Granting Temporary Residence
  2. Regulation on Issuing a Unified Permit for Temporary Residence and Work of a Foreigner
  3. Regulation on Submitting Requests for Permanent Residence Electronically

These regulations introduce crucial changes to the procedures and requirements for foreign nationals in Serbia. They aim to streamline the application processes and enhance the overall experience for those seeking temporary or permanent residence.

For those seeking more detailed information, the complete versions of these legislations can be accessed and downloaded for free using the following links:

These regulations mark a significant step towards improving the immigration process in Serbia and ensuring clarity and convenience for foreign nationals. Stay informed and make the most of these valuable resources to navigate the new regulations effectively.

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