Secondment of employees from Serbia for temporary work abroad

The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on 28 June 2018 adopted the amendments to the Law on Requirements for Assigning Employees to Temporary Work Abroad and Their Protection. These amendments were published in the “Official Gazette RS” no. 50/2018 from 29th June 2018 and they came into force on 7th July 2018.

These changes mitigate the conditions for assigning employees to work abroad and reducing the administrative procedure that employers must pass for this purpose.

The condition for assigning workers to temporary work abroad is that the employee is at work with the employer more than 3 months. Under certain conditions, an employee working shorter than the prescribed deadline may be assigned for temporary work abroad.

With the entry into force of these amendments, the employer’s obligation to submit Notices on assigning employees at work abroad and certificates from the Central Registry of compulsory social security to the Ministry in charge of the labour, as well as the obligation of the Ministry in charge of the labour to publish these notifications on its internet portal, do not exist anymore.

Also, penalties for violation of the provisions of this law for companies, i.e. entrepreneurs, were raised from 100,000, or 50,000 dinars to 150,000 and 70,000 dinars.

The purpose of these amendments is to facilitate the procedure and reduce the administrative burden on employers when assigning workers to temporary work abroad.

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