Register of Administrative Procedures in Serbia

The Register of Administrative Procedures has started working


At its session held on 28 April 2021, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on the Register of Administrative Procedures (the “Law“). The Law was published in “Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia “, no. 44/2021 of 29 April 2021, and entered into force on 7 May 2021.


The Law regulates the establishment, management and administration, content, manner of use and other issues of importance for the management of the Register of Administrative Procedures (the “Register“), defines the principles for regulation and implementation of administrative procedures and determines the authority to adopt methodological rules governing administrative procedures, as well as the content of the Register visible on the eGovernment portal.


Administrative procedure in the sense of this Law, is an administrative and other procedure conducted by state bodies and organizations, bodies and organizations of autonomous provinces and bodies and organizations of local self-government units, institutions, public enterprises, special bodies through which the regulatory function is exercised, as well as legal and natural persons entrusted with public authorizations and initiated at the request of economic entities and citizens for the purpose of exercising a certain right or fulfilling a prescribed obligation, and who is entered in the Register in accordance with this Law and the Methodology established on the basis of this Law.


The Register is a unique electronic database of all administrative procedures conducted by public administration branches so that interested businessmen and citizens can be simply and easily informed about everything they need to obtain a permit, exercise a certain right or fulfill an obligation.


It is envisaged that all procedures carried out by the authorities at the request of economic entities and citizens, as well as all changes in these procedures, as well as that the entry in the Register be done electronically.


After the entry in the register, the control of the entry of data on the procedure is performed, which is performed by the competent authority.


The Law prescribes deadlines for entry in the Register, depending on whether the procedure is changed or revoked, i.e. data on the new regulation are inserted.


Supervision over the application of this Law is performed by the Ministry in charge of state administration affairs through administrative inspection.


It is also envisaged that if the responsible person of the person liable for registration does not act in accordance with the obligation and does not register in the Register within the prescribed period, he will be fined RSD 20.000 to 100.000 for the violation.


At the moment, the Register contains procedures related to economic entities. By the end of 2022, the Register will also contain administrative procedures initiated by citizens, while the original procedures of local self-government units will be available by the end of 2023 at the latest.


The Registry is managed by the Republic Secretariat for Public Policies, an institution that provides professional support to the Government and state administration in modernization, digitalization and transformation of public administration, while Technical Support is provided by the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Administration.


In this way, it seeks to establish a safer, more transparent and predictable business environment and reduce the share of total administrative costs in GDP. The Law aims to simplify the exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations to regulated entities, i.e. to reduce the administrative burden on businesses and citizens.

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