Meet Viktor: The AI Wolf Leading the Pack in Immigration Assistance for the Ex-Yugoslavia Region

Are you navigating the complex pathways of immigration to the former Yugoslav countries?

Viktor, the animated wolf with a knack for clever solutions, is here to guide you through every step, free of charge.

AK STATT is proud to introduce this groundbreaking AI Assistant on our platform Immigrate to Serbia, a beacon for those seeking new horizons in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Slovenia.

AK STATT Viktor The First AI Wolf Expert For Immigration Matters for Ex Yu Countries

Who is Viktor?

Viktor is not your typical immigration assistant. With a friendly demeanor and sage-like wisdom, this cute and clever wolf is the first AI of its kind, designed to counsel in multiple languages, including English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, and Slovenian. Viktor’s animated charm is more than just fur-deep; he represents the innovative spirit of AK STATT’s dedication to easing the immigration process.

Unmatched Accessibility

Immigration is a journey fraught with questions and uncertainties. Viktor stands out by providing initial counseling sessions at no cost. He’s always ready to engage with leads interested in immigration goals—whether it’s for a visa, stay and work permit, citizenship, or asylum.

Unwavering Support Around the Clock

At, Viktor is available 24/7, ensuring that no matter what time zone or hour of the day, your immigration inquiries are answered promptly. This round-the-clock service removes the waiting time typically associated with immigration consultations and provides immediate support when you need it the most.

Language No Barrier

The linguistic diversity of the ex-Yugoslavia region is no small challenge. Viktor bridges this gap effortlessly. His ability to communicate in the native tongues of the region is not just a technical feat; it’s a sign of our commitment to inclusivity and respect for cultural diversity.

Personalized Experience

Viktor is poised to revolutionize the immigration consultation process. By asking relevant questions, he gathers essential information, which is then reviewed by immigration specialists. This ensures that every inquiry is met with a tailored assessment, paving the way for personalized solutions.

A Step Towards Your Dreams

Embarking on the immigration process is a bold step towards achieving your dreams. Viktor is more than an AI; he’s a companion for those brave enough to take this step. His introduction on the Immigrate to Serbia platform is a testament to AK STATT’s mission to empower individuals with seamless immigration support.


The immigration journey is complex, but with Viktor’s guidance, it’s a path you won’t have to walk alone. As a beacon of innovation, AK STATT’s AI Assistant Viktor exemplifies the harmony of technology and human aspiration. Take advantage of his unique abilities and embark on your immigration journey with confidence. Let Viktor, the first AI wolf expert, be your guide to the possibilities that await in the lands of the ex-Yugoslavia.


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