Is Your Problem of Legal Nature? Let Us Help You Determine


Life can often throw unexpected challenges our way, and it’s not always clear if a particular issue requires legal intervention. Many people find themselves unsure about whether their problem is legal in nature and if they need the assistance of a lawyer. This dilemma is more common than you might think, and it’s important to know that you are not alone.

Common Dilemmas: Is My Issue Legal?

People frequently face situations where it’s difficult to determine if they need legal help. Some common scenarios include:

  • Contract Disputes: Unsure if a breach of contract has occurred or if you have grounds for a lawsuit.
  • Employment Issues: Facing unfair treatment at work and wondering if it constitutes legal harassment or discrimination.
  • Property Disputes: Conflicts with neighbors or landlords over property boundaries or lease terms.
  • Personal Injury: Injured in an accident and uncertain if you are entitled to compensation.
  • Business Agreements: Challenges with business partners or vendors that might require legal interpretation or enforcement.
  • Tax Issues: Facing unexpected tax audits or disputes and unsure if you need legal assistance to navigate the complexities of tax law.

Why You Might Be Unsure

There are several reasons why you might be unsure whether your issue is of legal nature:

  • Lack of Legal Knowledge: Most people do not have a deep understanding of the law and legal rights.
  • Complex Situations: Some situations are inherently complicated and not easily categorized.
  • Fear of Costs: Concerns about the potential costs of legal advice can deter people from seeking help.
  • Uncertainty About Outcomes: Doubts about whether legal action will lead to a favorable outcome.

We Offer Free Legal Assessments

At Stojković Attorneys, we understand these concerns and are here to help you navigate through them. To assist you in determining if your issue is legal, we offer a free assessment of your situation. Our experienced legal team will evaluate the specifics of your inquiry and provide you with guidance on whether you need legal assistance.

How to Reach Us

If you are unsure whether your problem is of legal or tax nature, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free assessment. You can contact us via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: Call us at 011/328-1914 (Lines open from 07:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday, every week during the whole year)

Benefits of a Free Legal Assessment

  • Clarity: Understand whether your issue is legal (or tax) and as such requires professional assistance.
  • Peace of Mind: Gain confidence in knowing your options and next steps.
  • Expert Advice: Get professional insights from experienced lawyers.
  • No Cost: Our assessment is free, ensuring you get the help fir the first step you need to take without financial pressure.


Don’t let uncertainty prevent you from seeking the help you might need. Legal or tax dilemmas are common, and getting a professional opinion can make all the difference. Contact Stojković Attorneys today for a free legal assessment and take the first step towards resolving your issue.


The free legal assessment provided by Stojković Attorneys is intended to help determine the potential legal nature of your issue and to outline possible next steps. Please note the following important distinctions regarding this service:

  1. Quality of Input: The accuracy and effectiveness of the assessment depend on the clarity, completeness, and precision of the information provided by the client. We encourage you to present detailed and accurate information to ensure a thorough evaluation.
  2. Nature of the Service: The free legal assessment does not constitute free legal consultation, free legal advice, or free legal help. It is an initial evaluation based solely on the information you provide and is intended to identify whether your situation may require further legal analysis and intervention.
  3. Purpose: This assessment serves to determine the course of action and outline possible next steps without prejudice. It is a preliminary step to help you understand whether your issue is likely to be of legal nature and to guide you on how to proceed.

By using our free legal assessment service, you acknowledge and agree to these terms. For comprehensive legal advice and representation, we recommend scheduling a full consultation with our experienced legal team.

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