Find out what Privileges will be brought to You by the New Regulations on the Status and Work of Foreigners in Serbia, starting from 2024

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At the session held on 30 March, 2023 the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Foreigners (“New Law on Foreigners“), as well as the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Employment of Residents (the “New Law on Employment of Foreigners“).


  • Shortening of administrative procedures;
  • Greater responsibility of the caller who invites foreign citizens to the Republic of Serbia;
  • Liberalization of the arrival of foreign citizens to the Republic of Serbia;
  • Stricter control of the entry of foreign citizens from countries of increased risk;
  • Permits in the form of a biometric document.

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  1. Single license

With the New Law on Foreigners, we get a completely new term that combines a work permit and a permit for temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, which will be called “Single Permit” in the future.

From now on, the request for the issuance of a single license will be submitted electronically to the Ministry of Internal Affairs – in the Republic of Serbia, whose deadline for deciding on the request is 15 days.

The novelty is that the applicant can also be an employer.

A single work permit can be issued with a validity period of up to 3 years and extended for the same period.

The bases for issuing a single permit are employment, self-employment, and special employment cases in accordance with the regulations regulating the employment of foreigners.

  1. Biometric document

Instead of the previous “sticker” of temporary residence printed on the passport of foreigners, the amendment of the law introduces a special biometric document that will combine the work permit and the permit for temporary residence.

  1. Temporary residence

The amendments introduced a temporary stay that can be granted for a duration of up to 3 years and, that can be extended for the same period, instead of the previous period of 1 year.

  1. Permanent residence

Permanent residence will be granted to a foreigner after 3 years of continuous residence on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, which is significantly shorter than the previous one, which required 5 years of continuous residence.

  1. Visa D

For foreign citizens who need a visa D to work and stay in the Republic of Serbia, from now on it will be the basis for working and staying in the Republic of Serbia for a period of 180 days without the need to conduct a double procedure.

One of the novelties is that in case a foreigner does not need a visa to enter the Republic of Serbia, he can submit a request for temporary residence from abroad.

  1. Obligations of the carrier/caller

Before the adoption of the amendments, by Law on Foreigners, if a foreigner illegally resides in the Republic of Serbia as a participant in a tourist trip, due to the carelessness of the organizer of the tourist or business trip, the organizer will bear the costs of his stay and forced removal. However, with the amendments, a novelty was introduced where, in addition to the organizer, the costs shall also be borne by the person who issued the invitation letter to the foreigner, i.e. the caller.

  1. Fines

The New Law on Foreigners introduces tougher fines in case of illegal stay of a foreigner in the Republic of Serbia.


It is believed that the New Law on Foreigners and the New Law on Employment of Foreigners will solve many doubts that have existed so far, that procedure will be accelerated, the entry of foreigners into the Republic of Serbia will be facilitated, and penalties will be tightened in case of non-compliance with the regulations.

Implementation of the New Law on Foreigners and the New Law on Employment of Foreigners is expected from March 2024.

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