Finally Revealed! 3 Most Common Obstacles In The Process Of Obtaining Serbian Citizenship

Immigration systems can be a complex maze of forms and rules – and they keep changing. If you are not fully familiar with the process of obtaining Serbian citizenship (and mostly people are not) it is easy to make costly mistakes that can cause delays or even denial of your citizenship application.

But we are here to help you navigate through the citizenship process. In the following article, we will talk about the most common obstacles and help you maximize your chances of approval.

  1. Problems with documents

The first thing applicants must remember is that the process for obtaining Serbian citizenship can be quite complex because there are many forms involved and many documents that may be requested by the competent authorities in the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter: “Serbia”).

The problem here is the lack of by-laws, alongside the Citizenship Law of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter: “the Law”), that would contain an exact list of necessary documents. Hence, the nature of documents requested will always depend on the specific immigration case in question.

For example, if you apply for Serbian citizenship as a member of the Serbian nation, it will be necessary to submit a document that will prove your Serbian origin (a personal identification document of your ancestor or a document where they declare themselves as a member of the Serbian nation).

For this reason, we advise you to prepare in advance and work with an experienced immigration professional. Any irregularities with documents might delay or even derail your application for citizenship.

Also, what many people do not know is that any personal identification document you submit (be it yours or your ancestor’s) must not be older than 6 months. This is because personal data are a variable category, so it is necessary to keep the documentation up to date.

  1. Release from foreign citizenship and unequal treatment of cohabitation and marriage

If you apply for Serbian citizenship through a permanent residence permit, the competent authorities in Serbia will request that you submit proof that you will be released from your current citizenship if you acquire Serbian. Therefore, we advise you to inquire about the procedure for dismissal and the conditions that you need to fulfill in advance.

The good news for many is that the Law gives certain benefits for persons who have a permanent residence permit and have been married to a citizen of Serbia for at least 3 years. In that case, you will not be obligated to fulfill the above-mentioned condition, that is, you will not have to request a release from your current citizenship.

What Is noticeable here is the difference that the Law makes regarding the treatment of cohabitation and marriage. Namely, although the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia guarantees an equal treatment of cohabitation and marriage, the Law does not give the same benefits to persons who are in cohabitation with a Serbian citizen. So, you should consider getting married to your partner if you want to take advantage of these benefits.

  1. Security checks

When you apply for Serbian citizenship, the competent authorities are going to check your criminal background and make sure you are not a threat to the security of Serbia. They will review not only your criminal record, but your honesty through the application process as well. Both of this can result in Serbian citizenship being delayed or denied. It is best to consult an experienced immigration professional if you have a criminal record and are hoping to obtain Serbian citizenship.

P.S. Immigration matters are extremely sensitive and demand a detailed and committed approach. Therefore, it’s essential that you ensure, before submitting a request for the extension of your temporary stay, that you carefully consider all aspects of your case to avoid any unfavorable outcomes that may hinder the process and make it costly and even unsuccessful.

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