Energy: Wind farms in Serbia


A wind farm or as it is sometimes called a wind power plant is a group of wind turbines located in the same location, that produce electricity by using wind energy.

The popularity of wind farms is on the rise worldwide. The reason for this should be sought in the fact that wind farms can produce electricity very economically from renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that wind is a very sustainable source of energy, so in this regard, the production of electricity from this source is sustainable as well.

The popularity of wind farms has not bypassed Serbia either. In this regard, there is a significant increase in electricity production in wind farms.

The eastern parts of the country, as well as the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, stood out as the most favorable areas for the construction of wind power plants in Serbia, both due to the topography and the number of windy days a year.


Why are wind farms a good choice?

Some of the striking reasons such as economic and environmental reasons have already been mentioned. To these should be added the fact that wind power plants in Article 5 of the Act on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 40/2021 “Act on the Use of RES“) are recognized as power plants using renewable energy sources and as such in Article 12 of the Act on the Use of RES, wind power plants are envisaged as a subject of incentive measures in the form of:

  • market premiums and
  • feed-in tariff.


Who in Serbia can produce electricity in wind farms?

Production of electricity as an energy activity in the sense of the Energy Act (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 145/2014, 95/2018 – other law and 40/2021 “EA“), can perform:

  • public company;
  • company, i.e. other legal entities and
  • entrepreneurs.


What conditions need to be met?

The EA primarily stipulates the obligation to have a license for the production of electricity, except in the case of:

  • production of electricity in facilities with a total approved capacity of up to 1 MW, unless the same energy entity produces electricity in two or more energy facilities whose total approved capacity exceeds 1 MW, regardless of whether they are connected to the system via one or more connectors and
  • production of electricity exclusively for their own needs.

The license is issued at the request of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia. The license for the production of electricity is issued for a period of 30 years with the possibility of extension.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that the EA also stipulates the obligation to have an energy permit for the construction of facilities for the production of electricity that exceeds the capacity of 1 MW. The energy permit is issued on request by the Ministry of Mining and Energy.


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