Guide to Pharmaceutical Services in Serbia: Seamless Drug Registration


In the intricate world of pharmaceutical regulations in Serbia, AK STATT stands as a beacon of ease and expertise. We specialize in making the drug registration process smooth and stress-free.

Besides, navigating the complex regulatory landscape in Serbia’s pharmaceutical industry can be daunting. Especially the duration and uncertainty of outcomes of such processes. Hence, AK STATT emerges as a leading facilitator, renowned for its robust institutional support and exceptional working relationships with key regulatory authorities, including ALIMS and the Ministry of Health.

Our deep-rooted connections and collaborative approach with these institutions underscore our commitment to navigating the complexities of drug registration.

By leveraging these strategic alliances, we offer our clients unparalleled guidance and a streamlined path through the regulatory maze.

Our comprehensive services cover every phase of registration, ensuring that your journey through regulatory compliance is not just successful but also comfortable.

Phase I: Pre-Registration Activities in Four Steps

1. Regulatory Information Gathering

Our dedicated team meticulously navigates the labyrinth of regulations, providing you with tailored information and strategic market access solutions. We take the burden off your shoulders, transforming complex regulatory landscapes into clear pathways.

2. Documentation Preparation

Experience hassle-free dossier preparation as we handle the intricacies with speed and precision. Our proactive approach means you’re always a step ahead, significantly reducing waiting times and accelerating your market entry.

3. Professional Translations

Expect nothing less than excellence in our translation services. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy, our translations are handled by professionals, ensuring your documents are not just translated but are culturally and contextually adapted.

4. Readability Testing

We simplify the complex, ensuring your drug instructions are user-friendly. This critical step is handled with the utmost care, making sure your products are safe and comprehensible to users.

Phase II: Monitoring the Drug Registration Process

1. Documentation for Submission

Lean on our expertise as we prepare and organize your documentation for submission. Our meticulous approach ensures no detail is overlooked, paving a smooth path through regulatory processes.

2. Addressing Assessment Deficiencies

Stay ahead of potential challenges with our proactive identification and resolution of assessment deficiencies. We handle complications with agility and expertise, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted registration process.

3. Ongoing Professional Support

Throughout the assessment process, we are your steadfast ally. Our support extends beyond mere consultancy; we are your partners in navigating through every regulatory hurdle.

Phase III: Post-Registration Activities

1. Variations and Renewals

Adapt and thrive in the evolving pharmaceutical landscape with our assistance in managing variations and renewals. We take a forward-thinking approach, keeping your products compliant and competitive throughout their lifecycle.

2. Maximum Drug Pricing

Navigate the complexities of drug pricing with our expert guidance. From strategic pricing proposals to detailed pharmacoeconomic analyses, we ensure your pricing strategy is robust and beneficial.

3. Drug List Inclusion

Achieve essential inclusion on drug lists with our comprehensive support. We blend in-depth analysis with strategic insights to ensure your drug meets all criteria for insurance coverage.

4. Pharmacovigilance

In the critical area of pharmacovigilance, our vigilance is your peace of mind. We meticulously track, analyze, and report, ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance.


Embarking on a journey through the pharmaceutical regulatory landscape with AK STATT means more than just expert guidance; it signifies a partnership fortified by our strong institutional ties with ALIMS and the Ministry of Health. These relationships, cultivated through years of collaboration and mutual respect, provide an additional layer of assurance and efficacy to our services. With AK STATT, you’re not just choosing a service provider; you’re aligning with a team that stands at the forefront of regulatory excellence, offering a seamless, well-supported pathway to success in the Serbian pharmaceutical market.

With AK STATT, experience a seamless journey through the pharmaceutical regulatory landscape of Serbia. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and success at every step, making us your ideal partner in this complex field.

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