Amendments to the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance

On 29th September 2018, the National Assembly of Republic of Serbia adopted amendments on the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, which were published in the Official Gazette No. 73/2018 dated 30th September 2018, which came into force 1st October 2018.

The most important novelty is that these amendments and supplements will abolish the Law on Provisional Regulation of the Payment Method of Pension, which means that all pensions will be paid in amounts that were applicable before the decrease in 2014.

Other significant amendments to this Law concern the method of calculating the amount of premature retirement pensions for those insured persons who have a “beneficial” length of service; a change in the manner of calculation of the last year of insurance and the authorization of the Republic Pension and Disability Insurance Fund to pursue collection in the name of unpaid contributions for pension and disability insurance cease to exist in case when insured persons pay contributions by themselves; a number of forms have been abolished since January 2019 in order to simplify the procedure, the temporary decision on determining the amount of the pension is limited to 3 years, and if the missing facts within that period are not determined, the amount of the pension determined in the interim solution remains final.