Adopted the new Law on Hospitality industry

On 14 March, 2019 the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on Hospitality industry („the Law “) published in the Official Gazette No. 17/2019 dated 14 March, 2019, effective eight days after publishing in the Official Gazette on 22 March, 2019.

Before the newly Act is adopted tourism and catering industry was regulated by the Law on Tourism („Official Gazette RS “no. 36/09, 88/10, 99/11 – other Law, 93/12 I 84/15) (hereinafter: LOT) but because of the failure to comply with EU regulations or to regulate this area as other touristic developed countries LOT has been abandoned by the adoption of the Law on Tourism („Official Gazette RS “no. 17/2018) and the Law on Hospitality industry („Official Gazette RS “no 17/2019).

The Law was created as a result of analysis of the tourist market situation. The main objective of the newly adopted las id the fight against the shadow economy. Other priorities of the Law are improvement of Serbia’s competitiveness as a tourist destination, improvement of the business environment in Serbia and business simplification for natural persons providing hospitality and accommodation services. Other listed priorities of the Law are digitalization of tourism and hospitality industry with the introduction of modern technologies in the management of both, the business entities and the public sector. The accuracy and clarification for the rights and obligation of the inspection agency has been carried out. Considerable part of the supervision of the implementation of the Law has been entrusted to the local self-government Inspection agencies.

The Law is harmonized with the Tourism Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia 2016-2025 („Official Gazette RS “No. 98/2016). The Law is also fully harmonized with European Parliament and Council Directive 2006/123/E3 of 12 December, 2006, about services in the domestic market.

The Law introduced the Central Information System in hospitality and tourism area of business (E-tourist), as a unique and centralized electronic information system that contains relevant information about all accommodation services providers and accommodation facilities, through which all records are stored. The introduction of E-tourist is a result of economy digitalization in the Republic of Serbia. As the law maker stated, the electronic system has been established to bring together all data on service and accommodation providers, and to also reduce the number and costs of administrative procedures, as well as to improve the cooperation and exchange of data between state institutions. Other objective of the E-tourist is to improve the system of collection and control of tax payment and tourist tax payment.

The Law also regulates the collection, storage, processing and use of personal data, the rights of persons as well as the protection of the rights of person whose data are collected and processed. The Law regulates the limitation of personal data protection in the manner prescribed by the Law on Personal Data Protection.

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