Unlocking Wind Energy Potential in Serbia: Legal Framework, Incentives, and Success Stories

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STATT Renewable Energy Serbia

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, Serbia has embarked on a commendable journey to harness the power of wind. Establishing and operating a wind farm in this Balkan country is not a straightforward task; it involves navigating through a maze of legal requirements, obtaining necessary approvals, and complying with specific conditions. This endeavor is underpinned by a legal framework designed to promote renewable energy projects, aligning with European Union directives. As we delve into the intricacies of wind farm development in Serbia, from the foundational legal framework to the operational successes, it becomes evident how Serbia is setting a precedent in renewable energy adoption.

What steps one should take to set up and run wind farm in Serbia?

In Serbia, establishing and operating a wind farm involves several steps, conditions, and approvals. Let’s break it down:

Legal Framework

Serbia adopted its Energy Law in 2014 to align with the EU’s Third Energy Package. This law provides the foundation for renewable energy projects. The Serbian government introduced regulations in June 2016, known as the PPA Package, which govern the renewables sector. These regulations include three decrees:

  • Incentive Decree: Specifies measures for electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES) and high-efficiency cogeneration of electricity and heat.
  • Status Decree: Defines conditions and procedures for obtaining the status of a privileged power producer, preliminary privileged power producer, and producer from RES.
  • PPA Decree: Covers the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) terms. These regulations create a consistent and comprehensive framework for renewable energy projects in Serbia, including wind farms.

Incentives for Wind Energy

Wind energy projects benefit from the following incentives:

  • Guaranteed Preferential Prices (Feed-in Tariffs): The guaranteed supplier must purchase all electricity generated by the privileged producer at preferential prices (FiT) for 12 years under the PPA.
  • Trial Period: During the plant’s trial period, electricity is purchased at 50% of the FiT.
  • Balancing Responsibility Exemption: Privileged producers are not required to bear balancing costs.
  • Priority Access to Transmission/Distribution System: Ensures smooth grid connection.
  • Free Access to Transmission/Distribution System.

Steps for Wind Farm Development

  1. Construction Permit: Obtain the construction permit for the wind farm.
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):
    • Obtain approval for the EIA study or a decision stating that an EIA is not needed.
    • This step is crucial for environmental compliance.
  3. Status of Privileged Power Producer:
    • Within two years of the decision on granting premiums, obtain the status of a privileged power producer.

Remember that each project may have specific requirements, and it’s essential to work closely with legal and regulatory experts to navigate the process successfully.

Instead of conclusion…

So, the development of wind farms in Serbia represents a significant stride towards the country’s renewable energy goals. Through a meticulously structured legal and regulatory framework, Serbia not only encourages the adoption of wind energy but also offers substantial support to investors and developers in this sector. The incentive schemes, coupled with clear steps for wind farm development, have already borne fruit, as evidenced by the successful operational wind farms like Kovačica and Košava. However, the journey from planning to the commercial operation of a wind farm is complex and requires detailed attention to legal, environmental, and technical aspects. It is a journey that necessitates close collaboration with regulatory bodies and experts in the field. As Serbia continues to harness the wind, it solidifies its position on the map of countries leading in renewable energy, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future.

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