5 Thing Which Will Happen to You If You Lose Serbian Passport

5 consequences of dismissal from Serbian citizenship that have a direct impact on your life

Citizenship is of great importance for every human being. It creates a special bond between the individual and the state that enables the enjoyment of the widest range of rights (civil, political, economic, social, and cultural), but also obligations.

Dismissal from citizenship means the end of that relationship, that is, the end of all rights and obligations that accompany the status of a citizen. What exactly does this mean?

In this article, we’ll focus on some of the most significant effects of losing your Serbian citizenship that have an immediate impact on your life, and that you should be aware of if you plan to submit a request for dismissal from Serbian citizenship.

Entry into Serbia after the dismissal from citizenship

After the dismissal from the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia, you will be considered a foreigner in the eyes of the state and the competent authorities.

This means that every time you enter the country, you will have to register your stay on the premises of the organizational unit of the Ministry of Interior responsible for foreigners’ affairs or online.

Some citizens must have a visa for each entry into Serbia, while some can stay in Serbia as tourists, without visas, for a limited period of time. That period depends on the country you come from.

If you plan to stay longer, it will be necessary for the competent authority to grant you temporary residence.

Loss of public rights that only citizens of the Republic of Serbia can have

Foreigners, in accordance with international agreements, have in the Republic of Serbia all the rights provided for by the Constitution and the law, with the exception of the rights that, according to the Constitution, only citizens of the Republic of Serbia have. Thus, a foreigner cannot be granted the right to vote or to be elected. Also, a foreigner cannot hold public functions.

Restrictions on acquiring real estate in the Republic of Serbia

If you decide to invest in real estate in the Republic of Serbia, you should first check whether citizens of your country can acquire real estate in the Republic of Serbia. This possibility will exist if there is reciprocity between the Republic of Serbia and your country regarding the regulation of the acquisition of real estate for foreigners.

Reciprocity will exist if there is a bilateral agreement governing this issue between the two states. If such an agreement does not exist, it is sufficient that your new country, legally or in practice, allows citizens of the Republic of Serbia to acquire real estate in that country under the same conditions under which the Republic of Serbia allows its citizens.

If reciprocity exists, you have the right to acquire real estate in our country – but with certain restrictions.

  • Foreign natural and legal persons who perform business activities in the Republic of Serbia can acquire any form of immovable property in our country, but only if these immovable properties are necessary for the performance of that activity.


  • On the other hand, foreign natural persons who do not perform professional activities in the Republic of Serbia have the possibility to buy an apartment or house in the Republic of Serbia without restrictions, but they do not have the right to buy land (except for the one belonging to that apartment or house). Foreign legal entities do not have this possibility – if they do not already have a business in the Republic of Serbia or do not otherwise carry out business activities here, they are not able to purchase real estate in Serbia.


Prohibition of acquiring agricultural land in the Republic of Serbia

Even if it is undeniably established that foreign natural and legal persons may purchase land in Serbia, there is one exemption that applies to the selling of land to foreigners. In particular, the Serbian Law on Agricultural Land forbids foreign people and legal entities from acquiring agricultural land in Serbia under any circumstances. One exception is the extremely limited opportunity for EU citizens to purchase agricultural land.


In order to get a job in the Republic of Serbia after being discharged from Serbian citizenship, it will be necessary to obtain a work permit issued by the National Employment Service and to meet a number of prerequisites for the issuance of this permit.

What if you change your mind?

If you were dismissed from the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia and acquired foreign citizenship, or at the request of your parents, your citizenship of the Republic of Serbia ceased upon dismissal – you can acquire it again. Your country will welcome you without conditions if you submit an application that is correctly filled out and complies with all legal requirements.

P.S. Changing citizenship has serious consequences (both positive and negative), inform yourself in time about your specific case and prevent unpleasant surprises!

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