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Stojković Attorneys is a law firm based in Belgrade/Serbia, renowned for quality legal and tax advice and representation in all areas of law.

Our professionals, which are a unique blend of lawyers, litigators, business advisors, regulatory and tax experts, honed their skills and expertise in prominent international and local firms and organisations.

We provide optimal, complete and sustainable legal or tax solutions for challenges that affect our clients.

That starts with establishing an honest relationship with each client, which leads to open communication and the development of mutual trust, to the proper understanding of clients’ needs, the identification of desired goals and undertaking appropriate measures to achieve them.



ATTENTION! New Benefits For Serbian Diaspora & Foreigners Finally Revealed

In order to solve the problem of regulating the status of foreign citizens of Serbian origin, the Government of Serbia launched the “Point of Return” program, within which the “Carta Serbica” program was launched, which includes an easier procedure for obtaining temporary residence. The Carta Serbica program was established on the basis of amendments to […]

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Mistakes That Can Cost You A Fortune! Find Out How To Avoid A Labor Dispute In Serbia

If you are an employer, you must have felt uneasy about a labor dispute with an employee at least once, because once it knocks on your door, you will have no other choice but to struggle for a long and painstaking solution through the courts. The consequences of labor disputes are almost impossible to predict, […]

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Legal Hacks! How To Protect Your Business, Even From Employees

Non-compete clause – protect your business even from employees The process of negotiations between the employer and the employee before the conclusion of the employment contract can be a painstaking and long process. A frequent stumbling block in those negotiations is the non-competition clause (the “Clause“). WHAT IS the Non Compete Clause? The Clause is […]

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Finally Revealed! 3 Most Valuable Contracts That Will Save Your Time & Money

Lifesaving contracts – 3 most valuable contracts that will save you time and money Prenuptial agreement – Although it may be the last thing on your mind when planning your wedding, discussing the prenuptial agreement with your partner could secure your finances and save you from potentially debilitating court cases in the future. In addition […]

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Caution! If You Are Hiring a Foreigner, You Must Know These Two Things

It is a well-known fact that hiring foreign workers is not a simple process, unlike hiring workers who come from our country. Nevertheless, this procedure is worth the effort, considering the significant advantages that bringing in people with diverse experiences and knowledge, which are not available in the labor market in our country, can have […]

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Want to Relocate to Serbia? Become a Resident in Just 3 steps!

Due to its exceptional geographical position, the Republic of Serbia has always been an attractive destination for foreigners, and as it has recently recorded significant and stable economic growth, this has led to the expansion of foreign investments and global immigration. If you are a foreigner planning to expand your business to the Republic of […]

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