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Stojković Attorneys is a law firm based in Belgrade/Serbia, renowned for quality legal and tax advice and representation in all areas of law.

Our professionals, which are a unique blend of lawyers, litigators, business advisors, regulatory and tax experts, honed their skills and expertise in prominent international and local firms and organisations.

We provide optimal, complete and sustainable legal or tax solutions for challenges that affect our clients.

That starts with establishing an honest relationship with each client, which leads to open communication and the development of mutual trust, to the proper understanding of clients’ needs, the identification of desired goals and undertaking appropriate measures to achieve them.



Caution! If You Are Hiring a Foreigner, You Must Know These Two Things

It is a well-known fact that hiring foreign workers is not a simple process, unlike hiring workers who come from our country. Nevertheless, this procedure is worth the effort, considering the significant advantages that bringing in people with diverse experiences and knowledge, which are not available in the labor market in our country, can have […]

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Want to Relocate to Serbia? Become a Resident in Just 3 steps!

Due to its exceptional geographical position, the Republic of Serbia has always been an attractive destination for foreigners, and as it has recently recorded significant and stable economic growth, this has led to the expansion of foreign investments and global immigration. If you are a foreigner planning to expand your business to the Republic of […]

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2 Simple Ways to Protect Your Business from Idlers

One of the biggest challenges for any employer is learning to deal with employees who don’t achieve the expected results of work – either because they don’t put in enough effort or simply don’t have the necessary competencies. In an organization where the workflow requires everyone to contribute equally to complete a given task, one […]

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Tax Debt Like a Lasso Around the Neck! But Can You Save Yourself…

  All of us have a duty to pay some kind of tax, and some have more than one. However, sometimes due to various circumstances, we are aware that we will not be able to fulfill this obligation at the time of its origination. For this reason, the law offers the possibility of deferred payment […]

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4 Terrible Consequences of Unnotarized Pre Real Estate Contract

Buying real estate is a complex issue that does not tolerate mistakes! Every wrong step could cost you greatly. For this reason, it is important that all elements of the preliminary contract, and then the main contract, are accompanied by a serious approach, accurate and verified data, and a balanced legal framework – which will […]

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3 Things Persons Responsible for Medical Devices Regulatory Compliance Will Not Find in Law

  3 Obligations of the Responsible Person for the Distribution of Medical Devices That You Will Not Find in the Law   The distribution of medical devices in the Republic of Serbia is an area that is regulated by a series of complex regulations, which often leads to errors in their interpretation and application. Particular […]

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