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Stojković Attorneys is a law firm based in Belgrade/Serbia, renowned for quality legal and tax advice and representation in all areas of law.

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We provide optimal, complete and sustainable legal or tax solutions for challenges that affect our clients.

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Every Employer’s Nightmare: Labor Inspection. Read On To Learn How To Prepare For Labor Audit

Labor inspection – what to expect? If you are an employer, you must have feared at least once that the Labor Inspectorate would knock on your door. Although you try to operate fully in accordance with the relevant regulations, there will always be concerns about possible omissions. Before the adoption of the Labor Inspectorate’s annual […]

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Little Known Hiring Secrets Finally Revealed! Who To Hire In Serbia – Regular Employees or Registered Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneur vs. Company Employees – Think Twice About Hiring an Entrepreneur! Research has shown that every third person in the world is thinking about starting their own business. There are many reasons – dissatisfaction with the current job, dissatisfaction with the relationship between business and life activities, etc. On the other hand, if you’re an […]

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Disciplinary Procedure in the 21st Century: Discover When and How an Employer May Only Discipline Employees

From the moment they start working for the employer, the employee is obliged to comply with the rights and obligations established by the Labor Law, the general acts, and the employment contract. Primarily, the employee is obliged to conscientiously and responsibly perform the tasks he is working on and to respect the employer’s work organization. […]

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Finally Revealed! 3 Most Common Obstacles In The Process Of Obtaining Serbian Citizenship

Immigration systems can be a complex maze of forms and rules – and they keep changing. If you are not fully familiar with the process of obtaining Serbian citizenship (and mostly people are not) it is easy to make costly mistakes that can cause delays or even denial of your citizenship application. But we are […]

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Do You Want To Work In Croatia? What Permits Must Employer Obtain For You?

Foreigners are all persons who do not have Croatian citizenship or the citizenship of one of the countries of the European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland. Under certain conditions, foreigners are not Swiss citizens.   Foreigners can work in Croatia according to several different models. In the last few years, the largest contingent of the […]

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The Importance of “Being Croat” – Mistakes Candidates for Croatian Citizenship Should Avoid

  Citizenship can be acquired by being born in Croatia, by marrying a Croatian citizen, by naturalization, and by belonging to the Croatian nation. For many citizens of Serbia, the most interesting thing is how to acquire Croatian citizenship due to belonging to the Croatian people.   There is no second chance to make a […]

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