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Stojković Attorneys is a law firm based in Belgrade/Serbia, renowned for quality legal and tax advice and representation in all areas of law.

Our professionals, which are a unique blend of lawyers, litigators, business advisors, regulatory and tax experts, honed their skills and expertise in prominent international and local firms and organisations.

We provide optimal, complete and sustainable legal or tax solutions for challenges that affect our clients.

That starts with establishing an honest relationship with each client, which leads to open communication and the development of mutual trust, to the proper understanding of clients’ needs, the identification of desired goals and undertaking appropriate measures to achieve them.



How To Effortlessly Inherit Property in Serbia If Your Relative Died Abroad

How to inherit property in Serbia from an ancestor who died abroad without any difficulties (in only two steps) Losing a beloved person always produces legal consequences for your rights. Overwhelmed by grief and memories, those legal issues are the last thing on your mind. And neglecting your own rights is a shortcut to their […]

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Getting Married Abroad – How To Get Your Marriage Recognized in Serbia Without Any Difficulties

You got married abroad, but you don’t know if your marriage produces legal effects in the Republic of Serbia? Then you’re in the right place. We offer you answers to all your important questions, such as – how to make your marriage official in our country and why it is very important. When you get […]

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Beware! Prevent hell when purchasing your new house…

Beware! Apartment acquisition might become a road to hell instead of dream come true – this is how to avoid it   Purchase of an apartment, especially for younger people, represents one of the most significant moments and probably the crown of the work and progress so far. At the door of a new stage […]

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Breaking Legal News From Serbia And The World

Serbia: Foreign investor against domestic union   The Italian company “Valy” submitted a private criminal complaint to the Court in Belgrade against the president of the United Trade Unions of Serbia “Sloga” Željko Veselinović, claiming that with his statements in public, he intended to damage the business reputation and creditworthiness of that company, and after […]

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5 Things You Must Know About Annual Leave (The 5th Item Will SHOCK YOU!)

5 things you must know about the right to annual leave (the 5th thing will SHOCK YOU!)   If you are in the role of an employer, but you are in doubt regarding the right of your employees to annual leave (“AL“) and you are troubled by questions such as: “When does an employee realize […]

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Be Wary Of The Following Things When Considering Tobacco Business in Serbia

  Before entering the tobacco business you must know…   If you were thinking of starting a tobacco production, distribution, and trade business, but you are troubled by questions related to the necessary permits, processes, requirements, and expenses, then you are in the right place. In the following text, we will take you through the […]

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